All our filters are certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standerd by IAPMO.


Why is my water dispenser dripping?

A few drops of water after use is normal. To prevent water from missing the glass and dripping down the cradle area, try slowly removing the glass from the cradle after use. If the dispenser drips water constantly, it could be a water valve problem and should be checked by a service technician


Why do I have little black granules in my water after installing my new filter?

This is normal and happens with ALL carbon filters. These black granules are known as carbon fines (tiny pieces of carbon). Flushing two to three gallons of water through the filter will remove any loose carbon fines.


Why is my new filter making noise?

The noise is caused by trapped pockets of air in your new filter. Run two to three gallons of water through the filter to flush the air out.


Why is the water cloudy after my new filter has been installed?

The cloudiness is caused by microscopic air bubbles. Simply, run two to three gallons of water through the filter to remove the air bubbles.


My water dispenser is not dispensing water, why?

  1. No water flow is an indication that the filter has not been properly installed. Try reinstalling. Push the new filter into the receiver, and firmly turn to the right.
  2. Try soaking the new filter in water for 10 minutes before installation.
  3. Make sure the water line to the refrigerator is turned on. The saddle valve is used to connect the water supply line to the house plumbing and must be fully opened for the refrigerator to receive water.
  4. Remember, the dispenser in the door will not operate unless the door is closed.


Will using an aftermarket compatible filter invalidate my fridge warranty?

No, it will NOT invalidate your fridge warranty. Manufacturers cannot restrict the sale of consumables by threatening to withdraw warranties.


What warranty do you provide?

Due to the short lifespan of a fridge filter (typically 6 months), Swift Green Filters are under warranty for 90 days starting from the date of purchase. If the filter you purchased does not fit or is determined to be defective in any way, Swift Green Filters will either refund your money or ship an appropriate replacement.


What if I have a problem that I cannot solve or is not addressed in the FAQ?

If you are unable to find a solution, email us


If I use less water, can I change my filter less frequently?

Current industry standards dictate that fridge filters should be changed every six months. Once the filter has been soaked by its initial use, it should be changed six months after. After this period of time, the carbon in the filter may begin to harbor bacteria, which can significantly reduce filtration performance or potentially contaminate your water.


How often do I need to change my refrigerator water filter?

You need to change your refrigerator water filter every six months. Installing a new filter can provide:

  1. Better tasting and smelling water
  2. Better removal of fine particles and sediments from water
  3. Better prevention of unabsorbed water contaminants and newly formed bacteria from being reintroduced into your drinking water
  4. Better prevention of water pressure decreases from your dispenser


How tightly should I tighten the filter?

All of the filters will hit a stop when they are fully tightened. As long as our filters are installed by hand (not using tools), you will feel the filter hit the stop, at which point, do not attempt to further tighten the filter. Most of the filters only require a quarter or a half turn to tighten.


Can I recycle my water filter?

Yes, please send used Swift Green Filters to the following address: Swift Green Filter Recycling 2678, Ram Bay Road, Manning, South Carolina 29102 USA


What is Atrazine, Methylbenzene, and Lindale, and why shouldn’t I be drinking them?

Atrazine is a white, crystalline organic compound. It is a widely-used herbicide for control of broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Lindane is a white crystalline organic substance commonly used for removing wood-inhabiting beetles and lice.

Ethylbenzene is a colorless organic liquid with a gasoline-like odor. It is commonly used to make styrene, another organic liquid used to manufacture different types of plastics.

Swift Green Filters are NSF Gold certified by the WQA to significantly reduce these contaminants, in addition to many other contaminants.


Do you carry the colored plastic or metal end cap that covers the filter in my grill?

The cap you are referring to covers the end of the filter located in the base grill of some Whirlpool®, Kitchen Aid®, and Kenmore® refrigerators. The cap is not permanently connected to the filter, so it is not necessary to purchase a new one. When you remove the old filter, simply pull the cap off and put it on the new filter.


Is it easy to install Swift Green Filters?

Yes. All of our filters can be changed by the average homeowner. You can always contact us for help if you have trouble.


Do Swift Green Filters have an expiration date?

No, all of the filters we manufacture can sit on your shelf until it is needed to be used. We recommend storing our filters in a cool, dark, dry location.


How do I know if my fridge has a built-in filter?

Fridges with built-in water filters are usually side-by-side models with built-in ice and water dispensers. If you have a fridge like this, then you should look for the filter in one of three places.

  1. Look for cylinder shaped plastic or metal canisters inside the refrigerator compartment, hanging down from the top of the fridge.
  2. Inside the refrigerator compartment, the filter will either slide out or drop down from the ceiling of the fridge.
  3. Located in the grille, at the bottom front of the refrigerator.


How do I reset my change filter indicator light?

If your refrigerator has an indicator that tells you when to change the filter, it needs to be reset once the filter has been replaced. Each manufacturer has different instructions for resetting this indicator.

  1. Amana® - press and hold the dispenser lock and auto light buttons on the dispenser (at the same time) for 4 seconds until the filter status indicator begins to flash, then release the buttons. On some Amana fridges, you may need to press the dispenser lock and water buttons for 4 seconds until the filter status indicator begins to flash, then release the buttons.
  2. Frigidaire® - press and hold the reset button on the dispenser until the green light flashes (up to 15 seconds).
  3. GE and Hotpoint® - press and hold the reset water filter button on the dispenser for 3 seconds.
  4. Maytag® and Jenn-Air® - press and hold the lock and light buttons (lock and water on newer fridges) on the dispenser for about 4 seconds until the indicator light blinks.
  5. Whirlpool® and Kitchen Aid® - press the light switch 5 times within 10 seconds. If the fridge has a filter button, press and hold it for 5-10 seconds.
  6. Samsung® - press and hold the ice type and child lock buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. • Note: Hold the buttons for only 3 seconds. If you press these 2 buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, the reset function ceases. Release the buttons and repeat the same step one more time. The water filter indicator light should turn green.
  7. LG® - press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds.
  8. Kenmore® - Kenmore® refrigerators are made by a number of different manufacturers, so please refer to our Kenmore® Section to see which manufacturer made your refrigerator, then follow the directions listed above.


Do I need to lubricate the gaskets on my filter and receiver?

No, our filters have already been factory applied with USDA food grade silicone lubricant.


Do you make house calls?

Unfortunately, we are unable to make house calls - but trust us, Swift Green Filters are easy to install. If you are having any difficulty installing one of our filters, we can help. For installation-related issues, please call 1-888-223-6762 ext. 102 between 8am and 5pm PST, Mon-Fri. For a faster response, please send us an e-mail at For other inquiries call 1-888-223-6762 ext. 101

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