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Replacement Samsung DA29-00003B DA2900003G Refrigerator Water Filter SGF-DSB30 RX

Swift Green Filters

  • $32.20

Know Your Product

Swift Green SGF-DSB30 Rx Pharmaceutical Replacement Water Filter For Samsung  DA290002, DA29-0002, DA29-00002A,  DA29-00003B, DA29-00003, DA29-00003A , DA29-00003A-B, DA2900003BN2/EXP , DA29-00003F, DA2900003G, DA29-00003G, DA61-00159A-8, HAF-CIN,  HAFEX

The Samsung DA29-00003G , DA29-00003F and DA29-00003B most compatible best in class and technology replacement refrigerator water filter by Internationally Certified Swift Green Filter SGF-DSB30 RX. This brand new Made in USA refrigerator water filter is developed by highly educated engineers and renowned PHD scholars. It reduces Pharmaceuticals, Chlorine Taste Odor (CTO), volatile organic compounds (VOC), lead etc. Using Swift Green Filter's Innovative green technology and clinically tested and certified raw materials that carbonize dried coconut shells to provide 50% more access to micro-pores for capturing contaminants, swift bring to you scientifically proven quality at the most affordable price range. Request Today! For more information, please visit the Swift Green Filters website.

Change filter frequency:  

Depending upon your usage of water, For Best performance we recommend the replacement every 3- 6 months. 


Our mission is to Save Health !! Great alternative to expensive refrigerator branded filters. Does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health

American Made Quality 
Made in the U.S.A using ONLY certified NSF/ ANSI lab tested raw material for its quality & performance. “100% Guarantee for Highest Performance in its class and Capacity in the Industry”. Buy with confidence. Our Raw Material are BPA, Lead, Arsenic free

Eco friendly filter uses coconut shell carbon ( Renewable Resource), the earth’s most powerful natural filter while keeping plastic water bottles out of our landfills water

100% satisfaction guarantee; Outstanding quality; Easy filter replacement; DIY, no tools required to replace this water filter. Replace every 3- 6 months for best performance.

Industry certificated to meet NSF / ANSI 42, 53 or 401 standard, Swift Green Rx using advance scientific purification process reduces chemicals, including pharmaceuticals, Volatile organic compounds (VOC), Chlorine Taste & Odor (CTO), pesticides, waterborne parasites, lead, Cyst mercury, asbestos, chlorine and other industrial chemicals.


Compatible Replacement For

Great Value GV

SGF-DSB30, Culligan RF-S1, Insignia NS-DA29, AWF-DA29-00003B
Aqua Fresh

EFF-6011A TADA29-00003B,
DA290002 DA29-0002 DA2900002 DA29-00002 DA2900002A DA29-00002A DA29-00002A-8 DA29-00002A-B DA290002B DA2900002B DA29-0002B DA2900028 DA29-00028 DA29000028 DA29-000028 DA290003 DA29-0003 DA2900003 DA29-00003 DA29-000038 DA2900003A DA29-00003A DA29-00003A-B DA2900003B DA29-00003B DA29-00003F DA2900003G DA29-00003G DA2900003H DA29-00003H DA29-0003B DA290003G DA61-159 DA61159 DA61-00159 DA61-00159A DA61-00159A-B DA61-00159A-8 DA97-06317A HAFCUI HAFCU1 HAFIN2 FA0083U FA-0083U TADA29-00003A TADA29-00003B HAF-CIN HAFEX, DA29-00003A-8 DA29-00038 DA29000038 DA2900038 DA290003B DA61-00159G ES-1 FL-293G FMS-1 GGN726-003A HAFIN1/EXP OPFS-RF300 PS1012513 PS2123057 PS2507074 TADA29-000038 WF-289


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