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3M Aqua Pure C CS FF Water Filter Replacement

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The Swift green Filters has got you the  SGF CSFF Commercial water filter which efficiently replaces 3M Aqua Pure C CS FF Water Filter. This new and improved Made in USA replacement water filter is created by much-instructed specialists and prominent Ph.D. researchers to provide the fresh and better-tasting water. Our premium quality alternative of 3M Aqua pure C CS FF can effectively reduce a large number of harmful contaminants from your everyday drinking water. Along with this it also lessens chlorine taste and odor - sediment, dirt, and rust, providing you a healthy and tasty water for your regular usage.

Our team of highly scholar scientists has tested and created new methods to carbonize the earth’s most effective filtration source, the coconut shell. This has enabled us to make the SGF CSFF Commercial Water Filter, 50% more resistant to microorganisms. Also, we have developed methods that don't allow useful micro-nutrients to vanish during the process of filtration. The SGF CSFF water filter is clinically approved and tested by both NSF and ANSI.

The filtration process taken care by  Aqua-Pure C CS FF Replacement Water Filter involves the drainage of water through various layers untill it reaches the core of the water filter. As the water descends through layers the pores reduce in size. Hence, not even the smallest particles can escape. Moreover, SGF CSFF is affordable and costs you only $31.50 CAD.

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Features of 3M Aqua Pure C CS FF Water Filter Replacement


Our high-quality refrigerator water filter provides you 3 to 6 months of water filtration, depends on your usage.


The SGF CSFF water filter is tested and certified by both NSF and ANSI.


We are proud to mention that our water filter is manufactured in the USA and provides you the satisfaction of quality that you desire.


The water filter uses coconut shell carbon, which is an eco-friendly and earth’s most powerful natural filter.


Our water filter does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health

The SGF 1000 Is also compatible with Aqua-Pure 56104-27.

Overall, SGF 1000 is a bracing, eco-friendly and affordable alternative for Aqua Pure  C CS FF.


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