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LG LT600P Refrigerator Water Filter

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The Swift Green Filters has introduced the best substitution for LG LT600P Refrigerator Water Filter, named as SGF LB60. This high-quality filter is designed to reduce: volatile organic compounds, chlorine taste,  sediment, dirt, and rust. Our replacement for LG LT600P Refrigerator Water Filter is made with high-quality coconut shell using an innovative method developed by our group of Ph.D. scientists. Coconut carbon is better than other forms of initiated carbon. It has more than 50% micropores for catching contaminants. The SGF LB60 doesn’t allow beneficial nutrients to escape. With this Replacement Water Filter, your water becomes suitable for drinking. Needless to say, that our water filters are approved and certified by health agencies (NSF and ANSI). The Swift Green Filters brings you all these benefits at a quite reasonable cost.

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The filtration procedure taken into consideration by LG LT600P Refrigerator Water Filter includes the seepage of water through different layers until it arrives at the middle of the water channel. With the passage of water through several layers there comes a point when the pores of the layers start shrinking, so as to remove even the most minor particles.

Features of SGF LB60 Refrigerator Water Filter


Our high-quality refrigerator water filter provides you 3 to 6 months of water filtration, depends on your usage.


The SGF W10 water filter is tested and certified by both NSF and ANSI.


We are proud to mention that our water filter is manufactured in the USA and provides you the satisfaction of quality that you desire.


The water filter uses coconut shell carbon, which is an Eco-friendly and earth’s most powerful natural filter.


Our water filter does not remove minerals that are beneficial to health. The SGF LB60 is additionally perfect with LG LT600P Refrigerator Water Filter.

In general, SGF LB60 is a supporting, environment amicable and budget-friendly option for LG LT600P.

Buy now for $28.00 CAD.

What We Offer:-

We offer an assortment of water filters that are perfect with relatively every brand. Swift Green Filters are the Green option in contrast to the regular channel. Our items are the best decision for you as they are naturally cognizant and financially savvy. We intend to give you the cleanest and most advantageous water filtration for your personal and commercial use by ensuring the materials we utilize depend upon the most noteworthy quality standard. We give you a scope of Refrigerator Water Filters, Commercial Filters and Under the Sink Water Filters.

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